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Once you've created your event, make sure that it presents clearly and concisely the event program and all information related to the event.

All set? It's time to promote your event and communicate with your community. Here are 3 key steps to share your event and encourage online payment!


1. Find your event link

When your event is created, Yapla automatically generates an Internet single page that allows your future participants to register and pay online. This page can be useful if you don't have a website, for example. The single page can be shared via the redirection link, which will direct your participants to the event page in question.

Click on "Events" in the main menu on the left-hand side of your screen to access the link to your page, as well as the various options for broadcasting it. Click on the event of your choice, then click on the "Web Page" tile, then on the "Diffusion of your event" sub-tab.



Here you'll find three ways to diffuse your event. This is also where you'll find the event link.


2. Share your event

Now that you have access to the various options for sharing your event, it's time to let your community know that you're now integrating a simple and practical feature that allows secure online payment.

Several options are available to you. You can, for example, make a post on your social networks, share your event directly on your website, integrate it into your newsletters, or share it by email.


Social media

The move to online registration for events is a great opportunity to communicate and promote your modernizing association on your social media.

The option to share your event on your social media allows you to create automatically a publication that includes your event and allows you to write a personalized message.

Please remember to check that you are sharing your campaign via your association's social media accounts and not your personal accounts.



Remember, Yapla's newsletter tool is your best ally when it comes to communicating with your community. We therefore encourage you to prepare a special newsletter to launch your event that reflects your image. Don't hesitate to highlight the fact that your new registration form allows easy, secure online payment.


3. Embed your event page directly on your website

If you have a website, you can integrate your event directly into it.

You can simply integrate a redirect button to your event, or with Yapla's integration functionality, you can generate an IFRAME. This is a window to an existing web page from another web page, and where interactions are possible directly from the latter.

To integrate this IFRAME into your website, simply copy and paste the HTML code into an HTML zone on your website. This is also possible on a Yapla website or an external website!

Finally, don't hesitate to include the link to your event on your various communication media, to make it easier for interested people to register.


For more information

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