Follow up with your contacts who haven't donated yet

Yapla newsletters make it easy to announce your fundraising campaigns, send targeted reminders, and keep your donors informed about the impact of their generosity.

With newsletters, you can quickly and personally communicate with your community and donors based on their interactions with your non-profit organization.

In this article, we'll guide you step by step on how to target and personalize your community outreach to maximize donations.

Generating the List of Contacts to Reach Out To

In your reminder communications, you'll likely want to exclude those who have already donated to your NPO. Here's how to generate your list of contacts to reach out to:

  1. In your newsletter tool, ensure your contacts are synchronized.

  2. Create a simple filter on the "Groupes Yapla" field equal to the name of your group. To exclude those who have already donated, use the "Not Equal" criterion like this:


From a technical standpoint, this will create a list of all contacts without the system group in their profile. In other words, this list will gather all contacts in your database who haven't made donations to your NPO as part of your campaign.


Quick Tips Before Hitting Send

  • Take the time to test your messages to ensure they resonate with your audience.
  • Don't forget the essentials: the Call to Action (CTA). Skillfully integrate a button in your newsletter directing recipients straight to your donation campaign. A well-thought-out CTA can make all the difference in facilitating the natural transition from engagement to concrete action.

BONUS: Keeping Donors Informed Post-Donation

Increasingly, donors want to know the impact of their contributions. Keeping them informed can be a great way to thank them and build loyalty, especially if your NPO is equipped with Yapla—it's straightforward to set up!

Every time someone makes a donation, the system group of the campaign and the Donor group are associated with the contact.

So, you can use this information in your newsletters to communicate with these individuals and keep them informed about the accomplishments you've achieved thanks to their generosity.

  1. Just like with reminders, in your newsletter tool, ensure your contacts are synchronized.
  2. Then, create a simple filter on the "Groupes Yapla" field equal to the name of your group.



Going Further: Exclude or Include Specific Contacts in Reminder Communications

Complex filters allow you to combine multiple criteria for an even more precise list. For example, you could create a list of active members of your NPO who haven't contributed to your campaign.

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