How can I allow members to attach a document during registration?

You may sometimes need your members to provide documents with their membership registration (medical certificate, identity card, photo, etc.).

With Yapla, it is possible to give members the option of downloading an attachment during registration (see example below):


In this case, members can import a certificate of study directly from their computer.

To do this, go to "Members" > "Settings" > "Forms" (see below):

members settings, forms.jpg

Now click on the form of your choice, and you'll be able to modify it.

To add a field for importing a medical certificate, for example, click on "Create a new field" (see below):

create a new field.jpg

Then select the "File" field (see below):

​​file field.jpg

At the very bottom, click Next. This will allow you to give your field a name (e.g. "Certificate of Study").

Then click on "Save" and insert your new field into your form.

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