Export your data to a custom file

By default, Yapla exports your data to a new file, in xlsx (Microsoft Excel) format. Since the Data application allows you to collect very specific information, you may need more advanced reports. Yapla allows you to generate this type of report directly from a file that you have set beforehand. For example, in advanced reports, you can include calculations or tables to generate statistics.

Prepare your file

Create your file, in xlsx or xlsm format. Yapla will inject the data in a tab called DATA. If this tab does not exist, it will be automatically added. However, it is better to create it in advance in the file, in order to be able to prepare the different calculations and statistics.

Add the file to the media

Go to the menu Settings/Media list.



If the Media section does not appear in the configurations, you can activate it via the Services tile.



In the Document list, click on Add a Media. Enter a name for the file and upload your template.

Then open your object in the Data application. Click on the Documents tile and create a new document.


Enter the name of your document as well as the technical name, without spaces or special characters. 



In the Type section, choose Excel. You can then select your template below.


Save your document.

Then, when you export your elements, you will have the choice between the default file or your own customized file.



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