Create a password for the delegate members of an organization

After setting up your "Organizations" membership types, organization representatives are now autonomous to manage their delegates.

Adding delegates can be done in two ways: 

In order for a delegate member to access their member area, the delegate member must set up their password when they first login.

Inform new delegates of an organization that their account has been created

To facilitate this process, we invite you to use the communication below:

  • "Membership validated": this communication will be triggered once a delegate type membership is validated. 

The objective is for a delegate added to your contact repository to be informed of the creation of their account and the procedure for customizing their access and logging in. 

The communication chosen should target only relevant "delegate" memberships, as well as administrators or specific recipients as needed.


The content of this communication should, in our opinion, contain at least the following information:

  • Your "NAME OF ASSOCIATION" association account has been created
  • Benefits of this account
  • Procedure to create your password: add a link to the password reset page of your website on Yapla

Go further 

With the Premium package, you could also choose to use the manual message to manage these mailings internally.

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