Add a limit on discount codes

When you create discount codes for your events, they can be used unlimitedly, by anyone who knows the code. However, if your event has a large number of registrations, you may want to add a limit on the number of uses on them.

Activating the limit on a discount code

The usage limit applies on each code. In the configurations of the discount code, check the option Limit available quantity, then enter the desired number of uses.


Then apply your discount code to one or more rates. Each time a user uses the code, the remaining quantity will be updated in the list of discount codes.


How it works on the site

The discount code will be available for all rates where it is activated. When the limit is reached, if the code is used, an error will be displayed.


How it works in administration

As with the other limits, the discount code can still be used in administration, even when its limit is reached.


Frequently asked questions

How do the limits work with group rates?

When using a group rate, even though several participants are added, the discount code is only applied once.


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