Why does my newsletter arrive in my spam folder?

After you have sent your newsletter, it can happen that it ends up in the spam of your contacts or even in your own junk mail.

There are several reasons for this:

You have put your own email address as the reply email address 

In this case, the newsletter could be considered as potential "phishing". Indeed, if your email server does not recognize the sender, it could block the communications. The sending address has in fact been validated with its own server and your personal email has its own server. It is possible to correct this by authorizing the server to send your newsletters on your own server.

A contact unknown by your server

It can happen that when you send your newsletter, one or more emails are unknown to your sending server. In this case, the newsletter will automatically arrive in the spam folder. 

Some URLs are "hard-coded"

It can happen that in your text, you put URLs directly in the body of the text. Because of the URL redirects that are added to get the statistics, this configuration can also be considered as potential phishing. If you want to add clickable links, then it is best to add them in a word or phrase. To do this, select the word or phrase that the person will have to click on to access the desired page, and click on the paperclip to add your URL (see screenshot).



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