Evolution of Yapla plans

The Yapla platform is marketed under 5 plans: Takeoff, Flight, Orbit and Galaxy.

Yapla's features, which number in the hundreds, are accessible according to the different plans. The Takeoff plan, which is offered free of charge, offers the functions required to manage a small association. At the other end of the spectrum, the Galaxie plan integrates all the advanced functionalities required for the management of a larger association, often an employer, wishing to optimize the use of Yapla. Between the two, the Flight and Orbit plan progressively offer additional options to the existing functions.



An association with limited financial means that wishes to receive online payments and manage a data repository for its members or donors. This version is offered free of charge.


An association that wants to set up a transactional website, manage basic accounting and send newsletters using its contact database.


Yapla's most popular plan.  It is designed for associations that want to take advantage of the platform's most advanced features.


Ideal for associations with employees, this plan allows, among other things, the creation of user rights, the management of accrual accounting and the creation of a shopping cart. The Galaxy plan allows for greater customization of your business processes and better use of your data.

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Evolution of the plans over time

The platform is in constant evolution. Some features are enhanced while others are replaced. Sometimes a feature is moved from one plan to another, usually to a lower plan in order to be accessible to the largest number of users. Although rare, Yapla reserves the right to move some features to a higher plan while preserving access to existing customers.


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