Why is the suggested tip high compared to my fare?

When paying for memberships, donations or event registrations, the lower your rate or donation value, the more disproportionate the suggested tip seems to be compared to the transaction amount.

Here are the reasons why:

We are committed to providing a 100% free offer, where we pay the transaction fees. To achieve this we offer your visitors the possibility to leave us a tip when they make a payment. As you know, this is without obligation and the amount can be changed.

We have developed an algorithm to cover the transaction fee. The transaction fee consists of a fixed and a variable part. The lower the transaction amount, the higher the fixed part. 

If you are not happy with this calculation, you have the option to turn off the tip mode. Following this change, a transaction fee of 3.9% + $0.30 will be automatically deducted from each of your transactions.

Learn more about this option.

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