How to add an organization and its members with Yapla ?

When an organization, company or association wants to activate their corporate membership, you can add them yourself directly through the Yapla platform.

It is also possible to set up a member area on your website to allow organizations to register themselves.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to add these members to Yapla.

1 - Create the organization

To create a new organization, first make sure it does not exist by using the search engine of the Member feature, in the Organization submenu.



Then click on the button: Add an organization

Fill out the organization form and save your changes.

To learn more about creating an organization, read this article: Create an organization

To view your new organization, go to the organization list view and search using the search engine. You will notice that the new organization does not have a membership status, as it does not have a representative yet.

For more information on managing organization forms, see this article: Creating and managing organization or family forms


2 - Add your organization's members

Now that your organization is created, you need to add members to it.

Add new members

If the member you want to add is not already in your repository, you can add it from the organization's form.

Go to the organization's file: Members application > Organization submenu. Select the organization in the list and click on the Organization information sheet tile.


Then, in the section Members of the organization click on the button Add member.

Fill out the Add Member form and save your changes. If you have more than one member to add, you can use the Save and New button.

Add existing members

Go to the organization's card: Members application > Organization submenu > Select the organization from the list and click on the Organization information sheet tile: 


Then click on Select an existing member 


You will have to search for this member in the search engine, select it and then Save.


Your member will then be added to your organization. 



Add a membership

Once the member is added, select the member from the list to add a representative or delegate membership.

To activate the organization on Yapla, it must have a representative with a valid membership.


Delegate memberships are synchronized with the representative membership.

To learn more about managing corporate memberships, here are some online help articles that may be of interest to you: 

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