What is the purpose of technical names?

When creating a form field, the first two visible fields are required.



  • Field name: this is the name of the field as it will be displayed in your forms. This name can be changed at any time.
  • Technical name: this is the name of the field in the database. This name will be automatically filled in with the field name without spaces or special characters. It can only be modified during creation.

The technical name is not visible and is only displayed in administration. This technical element, as its name indicates, is mainly used for the proper functioning of your account and to generate dynamic keywords in your communications and documents.

In some cases, it allows data synchronization between the different features. For example, you could pre-fill an event registration form with the member's contact information or add information to your contacts.

However, for the synchronization to work, the technical name must be identical and the fields must be of the same type (2 text fields for example). Please note that multiple choice answer fields cannot be synchronized.

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