Why am I receiving the communications sent to my contacts?

What is the reason I am receiving an automated email sent to one of my contacts? The most likely cause is that the communication is configured to send an email to administrators.  

Targets of a communication

When you configure an automated communication, Yapla allows you to specify a target, i.e. the recipient(s) of the communication. Targets vary according to the application, but there are two general categories: your contacts (participants, members, donors, etc.) and Yapla administrators (platform users).


Where to configure the targets of my communications?

Each Yapla feature has its communication section. Here are some common examples:

  • Members -> Settings -> Communications
  • Events -> *specific event* -> Communications
  • Donations -> *specific campaign* -> Communications

Once in the Communications menu, you have to open the message you want to stop receiving and go to the "Target recipients" section. You can then uncheck sending the communication to administrators if you no longer wish to receive it. 

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