Why can't I send my newsletter?

Your newsletter is ready and you want to send it!

Ready, set, send! Oops... you get an error message and the newsletter doesn't send.  Here are the reasons that can explain this problem: 




1. To send a newsletter, it is mandatory to enter your contact information in the settings of the Newsletter application. 

Otherwise, your newsletter will not be sent.

To learn more, read this article


2. If you see the following error message, here are the different explanations: 



You have configured the newsletter without going through the import of contacts and/or synchronization with Yapla. If you do not have any contacts, the newsletter cannot be sent. 

To learn more about importing contacts, here is an online help article: 

Importing contacts

To learn more about synchronizing your contacts with Yapla, here are some online help articles: 

You have not added a target in your newsletter campaign. If you have not defined the target of your campaign, Yapla Newsletters considers that you do not have any contacts.

To learn more about campaigns and targets, here are some online help articles: 

You can check the number of recipients of your newsletter in the "General" section of your newsletter: 


3. You have planned the sending of your newsletter but it does not go out, here is what to check: 

You have not confirmed the sending. When you schedule a mailing, you must confirm the mailing when the newsletter is ready so that it can be sent on time: 





The schedule has passed, but the newsletter has not sent. You can check the time zone of your user account: 






You have clicked on the "Send" button and the pop-up to confirm the sending does not appear: 




The sending of your newsletter may be blocked if you have inserted a video directly into your newsletter. To insert a video, here is the online help article that describes the procedure. 

To learn more about how to create a newsletter, discover our step by step article : 

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