Consolidate your accounting

Consolidation allows you to obtain a report with all the transactions of a specific period, grouped by accounting items. This is a very useful report if you need to transcribe your accounting in a software external to Yapla or if you want to prepare a deposit slip of all your received checks.


Create a consolidation

In the menu Accounting/Accounting/Consolidation, click on the button Generate Consolidation Record.


The start date will always be the day after the last consolidation (or the date your account was created in the case of your first consolidation).

You can select any date you like for the end date, as long as it is in the past.

Then click on View Consolidation.

You will then see a preview. If you are happy with this, click on Confirm to save the consolidation. 


Update or delete a consolidation

Once a consolidation has been created, if you add items to your accounting, the consolidation will not update. However, it is possible to delete it and recreate it so that the missing transactions are included in the consolidation.

To avoid errors, only the last consolidation can be deleted.

To delete a consolidation, open the consolidation and click on the Delete button in the lower right corner. This will only delete the report and not your transactions. 


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