Dynamic keywords for the Members application

Dynamic keywords can be used to customize your communications as well as your documents.

In addition to the list below, you will find in the list of keywords the custom fields you have added in your forms.

Members Keywords

Keyword Name Description
Address Member's address
City Member's City
Clientèles Member's clients, see Services
Country Member's Country
Date Value of the Date native field
Date of the day Enters the date the communication was sent
Email Member's email
Firstname Member's First Name
Language Language of the member
Lastname Member's last name
Latitude Member's latitude
Longitude Member's longitude
Member # Member number
Notes Value of the Notes native field
Organization - Address Address of the member's organization
Organization - City Member's organization city
Organization - Country Member's organization country
Organization - Date Value of the Date native field of the member's organization
Organization - Email Member Organization Email
Organization - Latitude Latitude of the member organization
Organization - Logo Logo of the member organization
Organization - Longitude Longitude of the member's organization
Organization - Name Name of the member's organization
Organization - Notes Value of the native field Notes of the member's organization
Organization - Organization number Member's organization number
Organization - Phone Member's organization phone number
Organization - Website Member's organization website
Organization - Zip Member Organization Postal Code
Password reset link Adds the password reset link, see Change password by member
Password reset token This keyword adds the dynamic password reset token to a URL.
Phone Member's phone number
Photo Member Photo
Secteurs Member's sectors of activity, see Services
Services Member's services, see Services 
State Member's province or state
Status Member status, see Member status
Title Member's title (Mr., Mrs., Miss, etc.)
Zip Member's postal code


Membership Keywords

Membership keywords are membership-related communication. For example, when reminded of a membership to renew, it will be the current membership but when renewing it will be the membership that was just purchased.

Keyword Name Description
Bill - Address Address on invoice
Bill - Bill # Invoice Number
Bill - Check number Number of the check used to pay the invoice
Bill - City City listed on invoice
Bill - Country Country indicated on the invoice
Bill - Email Email on invoice
Bill - First name First name listed on invoice
Bill - Last name Name indicated on the invoice
Bill - Organization Name of the organization on the invoice
Bill - Payment date Payment date on the invoice
Bill - Payment date (with hour) Payment date including time on invoice
Bill - Payment mode Payment method used to pay the invoice
Bill - Postal code Postal Code on invoice
Bill - Province Province indicated on invoice
Bill - Table for billing This keyword will recreate the billing table used for billing in the communication, see Show billing information in an automatic communication
Bill - Tax numbers list List of tax numbers applied to the invoice
Membership (tax) - (name of tax) Amount of a specific tax applied to the membership
Membership - Current membership status Status of current membership, see Membership Status
Membership - Date of the day Current date the communication was sent
Membership - Expiration date Code postal sur la facture
Membership - Fees amount Price of the mandatory options
Membership - Grace period Displays the length of the grace period, in days
Membership - Membership # Number of the membership related to the communication
Membership - Membership amount Membership price
Membership - Membership treatment If this is a first time membership or a renewal
Membership - Membership Type Type of membership
Membership - Options [list of chosen options] Produces a list of the options selected at the time of enrollment
Membership - Options amount Price of options purchased with membership
Membership - Registration date Date membership was paid
Membership - Renewal date Date a member renewed their membership
Membership - Start date Date membership begins
Membership - Tax amount Taxes applied to membership
Membership - Total amount Total amount of the membership transaction
Membership - Total price after taxes Total amount of the transaction with tax
Membership - Total price before taxes Total amount of membership without tax


Website keywords

These keywords are used to display the url of your website in your communications.

Keyword name Description
Member - Web page Inserts a link to the Members single page
Website - (Name of the site web) Insert a link to your website. If you have multiple sites, there will be a different keyword for each


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