Adding conditional fields to your forms

Conditional fields allow you to display additional questions when certain answers are selected in your form. Since they are directly dependent on a specific answer, they are only available for fields that offer a choice of answer, i.e. the following fields: 

  • Checkboxes
  • Selection list
  • Single choice answer (radio)

In order to add a conditional section to your form, you will first have to create all the fields you will need

Setting up the field in your form

It is important to note that in order to have an harmonious display, sections with conditional fields only work with single-column sections. If you add a condition in a section with 2 columns, your fields will automatically be placed in a single column. This avoids offsetting the 2nd column when the conditional fields appear.

Add the choice of answer field at the desired location in your form. Then click on the three small dots to the right of the field and select the Conditions sub-menu.


Then choose the display rules, i.e. which answer choice(s) will display the additional questions. Here you can also add a descriptive text that will appear before the additional fields.


Once the section is created, you can add one or more fields to it.



On your website, as well as in your forms on Yapla, additional fields will only be visible if the mentioned options are selected. In addition, if the additional questions are mandatory, they will only need to be filled in if they are visible.



In view mode, additional sections will only be displayed if the condition applies.




There will be no change to your exports. The questions will be separated in separate columns, as every other fields.


Frequently Asked Questions

My form is already online, can I still add a conditional field?

The forms can be modified at any time, including after they are online. However, as with any other modification, only new entries will be affected by the change.

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