Share a donation campaign

To achieve your campaign objectives and raise the necessary funds, you need to share your campaign with your community. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to get the word out about your fundraising campaign through a variety of communication channels.

Promoting a donation campaign

From the Yapla Dashboard, click on the Donations feature in the left-hand column.

Then click on Campaigns. In the list of donation campaigns, choose the name of the campaign you wish to promote online.


In the new page that appears, select the Web Page tile.
Choose the Share your donation campaign option.


This gives you access to three different ways of distributing your donation campaign. These three solutions can be combined, increasing your chances of reaching a wider audience.

Share your donation campaign link

The first section invites you to promote your donation campaign. This option consists of sharing the link to your donation web page with your contacts. This link is automatically generated by Yapla for each campaign.


There are several ways to share this link. For example, you can send a newsletter to your community inviting them to click on the link. You can also post the link on your website, or publish it on your social networks.

Share your campaign on your social networks

By clicking on the icons associated with each of your social networks, you can create a personalized publication leading to your fundraising page.


Integrate the fundraising page on your website created outside Yapla

This last option allows you to integrate your campaign page into your website, if it has not been created with Yapla. Simply copy and paste the code generated by Yapla into a page on your association's website. This way, visitors to your site can access your donation collection page directly.


To go further: customize the donation campaign detail page with Yapla's Website Feature

To make a donation, your members need to know as much as possible about your cause. That's what your campaign details page is for. It shows not only your fundraising goal, but also what motivates you to organize this campaign. We invite you to optimize your detail page by customizing it, with the help of our article on the subject. If you don't yet have a Yapla site, please consult this guide to getting started.

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