Customize search and results in an event

The search customization allows Yapla users to perform accurate and fast searches. It is important to note that this configuration applies only to the user. It is not possible to have a global customization for the account

Simple and advanced search

In the "Events" application, in the "Event" sub-menu and then in a specific event, go to the registration list by clicking on the "Registration" tile



It is then possible to search your registration list. There are two types of search: simple search and advanced search.

The simple search allows you to search for a word among all the available fields.

The advanced search allows you to do more specific searches and to search in a particular field.

Configure Advanced Search Settings

The Advanced Search settings allow you to define custom search criteria based on the available fields that will make all your searches easier.

When you are on your Registration list page, you can click on the gear wheel at the top of the page and access the search settings.



Display settings

To begin, you must choose the number of columns to display. This will determine the number of fields displayed in a row. Here is an example of a 3 column display:



Add fields to the search form

Next, it is possible to choose which fields will be displayed (SELECTED FIELDS in the search from the list of available fields (AVAILABLE FIELDS). To move a field from the "available fields" section to the "selected fields" section, drag and drop the field from one side to the other.



Reset the search

In the menu at the bottom of the screen, it is possible to reset the search criteria to values predefined by Yapla. There are two types of resets: Advanced Search and Simple Search. The simple search will reset only to a few fields that are essential to your search, while the advanced search will reset with a wider range of fields to further refine your search.


Note: Saving is automatic on this page.


Results table

You have the ability to customize the fields that are visible and their order in your search results table.

This customization allows you to quickly access the information you need without having to automatically open the registration record. Another advantage is that you can use this customization to create a customized data report containing specific information. 

In the "Events" application, in the "events" sub-menu and then in a specific event, go to the Registration list by clicking on the "Registration" tile.


At the bottom of the page, click on the button to the right of the "Export" button to begin this customization


 On the Customize the search results page, 4 choices are present in two sections: 


Create sorting rules

Sort by: In this section select the fields on which the display order should be based. 

Display order: two options are available. Sort in ascending or descending order. 


Configure the display of search results

In this section, you can drag and drop fields between the Available fields and Selected fields columns.

Selected fields: in this column, you will find all the fields visible in the search results table.

If you want to remove one of them, just move it to the right column. To change the order, move the fields within the column. The top field will appear first, the bottom field will appear last. 

Available fields: contains all the "donation" fields, whether they are native to Yapla or created for your organization.
To add a field to your list of search results, drag and drop a field from this column to the Selected fields column


Once you have made your changes, don't forget to click on the "Save" button at the bottom right.


Export your search

Once the search is done, Yapla offers you the option to export your search results. To do so, simply click on the "Export" button. 


At this stage, you have two choices:

  • Export the columns displayed on the screen: by choosing this option, the export will only include the fields that appear in the search results, in the configured order
  • Export all subscription information: this is a global export of all data. All the fields native to Yapla, as well as all the fields created by your organization, will be present. It is not possible to modify this export.


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