How keywords work in communications

Keywords are a powerful tool that allows you to personalize your communications with the data of the user who receives the email.

These keywords are available from any communication you create or modify, regardless of the Yapla features. For example, it is possible to display the first and last name of a member, or the amount of a donation made by a donor.


Where can I find the list of available keywords?

The keywords are accessible from the text editor of your communication.

Let's take the example of a communication of type Membership validated from the Members application. Start by creating or editing your communication by going to Members > Settings > Communications.

From the text editor, you have access to the buttons: Members Keywords, Membership Keywords, and Website Keywords.



These are three drop-down lists that show the available keywords by category (members, memberships, website). Let's take the Members Keywords category as an example.


The keywords correspond to the Member form fields. For example, the Member # keyword displays the number of the member receiving the communication. 


What data can I display?

This list contains the Yapla native fields, i.e. the fields created by default. It also proposes the custom fields you have created for your Member forms.

Let's take the example of the Membership keywords. These allow you to display data related to billing (for example the address of your organization) or information related to the membership of the member (its renewal date or the amount of its membership as in the example below).



Find here the list of available keywords per Yapla feature.

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