Manually add a donation through the back office

Yapla allows you to fully manage your organization's donations, even those that did not arrive via your website. This can be useful if, for example, you have received a check and you want to account for it in a campaign to issue a receipt if necessary.

Add a donation

To perform the manipulation, go to the Donations Application and choose your campaign.

Donations > Campaigns



Click on the tile Donations perceived.



Click on Available Actions, then choose Add a Donation.



Choose your type of donation, and continue:



Enter the donation information (date, amount, receipt type) and continue. Then enter the donor information and contact information, and continue.

Verify payment summary and billing information. Then enter the payment method and click Confirm the payment.


The donation is now added to your campaign. Depending on the configurations of this campaign, the donor may receive his donation receipt at the same time.

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