Why doesn't the register button appear in my event?

In Yapla, the event registration button may or may not be visible. With this option, it is possible to promote an event without the registration period having started. However, sometimes, when adding an event, it happens that we forget about this option and therefore do not have the sign up button visible when we wanted it to be.

To make this button visible, two configurations are important: the permission to have online registrations and the registration period dates. 

Allow online registration for my event

In order to allow online registration and to have the registration button, it must be allowed in the event configuration. To do this, simply go to your event and click on the "Settings" tile. 


Then make sure to go to the "Process" tab, and check the box: "Allow online registration" and then click "Save" at the bottom of the page.


If once this box is checked, the registration button still does not appear, you will need to check the dates of your registration periods. 

Adjust the dates of the registration periods

Registration periods are used to determine when the event will be open for registration as well as to determine the registration rates. 

For this reason, if your registration periods are for future or earlier dates, the registration button will not appear. It will only become visible when at least one rate has an active registration period. To configure the registration periods, go to the "Prices" tile of your event and then to the "Registration Periods" tab.  


There, make sure that you have an active registration period with the right dates. To learn more about setting up registration periods, here's a helpful Help Center article: Creating and Managing Registration Periods.

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