About the terms and conditions of your website

The terms and conditions are all the legal terms defined by the owner of a website (or web page). They set forth the terms and conditions governing the activities of site visitors on said website and the relationship between site visitors and the site owner.


Where to find the terms and conditions?

The terms and conditions can be found on the membership, ticket sales and/or donations page:





How to change the terms and conditions?

Here are the steps to make changes to the terms and conditions of the site:

  • Please go to the "Your Organization" tab in the "Settings" section:


  • You will then find in the tab "Terms & Conditions" the content that will be editable :



Furthermore, make sure that the box "Request terms and conditions of use of the generic site" is checked.


Specific case : when terms & conditions are different for an event 

You can edit the terms and conditions for each event.

Here are the steps to customize the terms and condition for one event :

  • First, choose the event in which you want to make changes


  • Next, you will have to click on the "Settings" item : 


  • And finally, you will find the conditions section where you can customize the content :




Please keep in mind that keywords will be changed automatically. However, the data framed above will have to be filled beforehand in the tab "GDPR":




The Personal Data Protection Officer (DPO) is Mr Benoit St-André.
email : dpo@yapla.com

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