Activate prepayments in your accounting system

Prepayments enable you to spread your income from memberships and registrations for your events over several years.

To activate advance fees, make sure you use accrual accounting. Then go to the Accounting/Settings menu.


On this page, check the Enable advance fee management option and select the number of years over which you wish to split your income.


Please note: as soon as the first transaction is processed, it will no longer be possible to deactivate this option.

Setting and operating deferred charges

Make sure you have created all the necessary accounting items. Imprest accounts use items in the Imprest Account category.


Accounting items are set up in the Membership Prices section.


When purchasing a new membership, Yapla will calculate the number of months between the end of the membership and the end of your accounting period. The membership amount will then be divided and placed between the current year and the amounts collected in advance.

For example, let's take a $120 membership with an accounting period starting on January 1.

  • If a membership starts on March 1 (and ends on February 28 or 29), $100 will go to the current year and $20 to advance fees.
  • If membership ends after November 1, $10 goes to the current year and $110 to advance fees.
  • If the member renews in December, but the membership only begins on January 1, $120 goes to advance fees.

If you have floating-date memberships, the advance fee amount will increase progressively over the year, whereas it will always be the same for fixed-date memberships.


Advance fees for events are mainly used when the event dates overlap an accounting period. Unlike memberships, the percentage of the amount transferred in advance fees is determined manually, in the price settings. This also allows you to enter 0% or 100% as required.



Please note: it will not be possible to save the price if the sum of all percentages does not equal 100%. This is to prevent the accounting system from balancing.

Going further

Once you've set up your prepayments, you can retrieve the amounts by consolidating your accounting.

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