Personal data protection policy and Law 25

Yapla is a platform offered by Yapla Inc, a corporation under the laws of Canada, whose head office is located at 5605 avenue de Gaspé, Suite 801, Montreal, Quebec H2T 2A4.
Yapla provides users with the Yapla Platform, an NPO management software package that enables NPOs to manage their members, donations and subscriptions, communications, events and accounting. The precise functionalities of the Yapla Platform and how to use them are described in the documentation available by clicking on this link. Yapla is also strict when it comes to handling personal data. The personal data protection policy is available by clicking on this link.

About Quebec's Law on respecting the protection of personal information in the private sector (Bill 25)

Yapla is committed to respecting the new responsibilities and obligations of companies.

  1. Designating a person responsible for the protection of personal information
    and publish the title and contact details of this person on the company's website.
    This person is currently Laurent Rajca. The Privacy Officer can be contacted at

  2. In the event of a privacy incident involving personal information :
    • taking reasonable steps to reduce the risk of harm to individuals
      and to prevent similar incidents in the future;
    • notifying the Commission and the person concerned if the incident
       presents a risk of serious harm;
    • keeping a register of incidents, a copy of which must be sent to
      the Commission at its request;

  3. Complying with the new framework for disclosing personal information without the
    consent of the person concerned for the purposes of study, research or statistical
    production, and as part of a commercial transaction;

  4. Conducting a Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA) before disclosing personal information
    without consent for study, research or statistical purposes;

  5. Disclosing in advance to the Commission any verification or confirmation of identity
    made by means of biometric characteristics or measurements;

  6. Destroying personal information once the purpose for which it was collected has been
    fulfilled, or make it anonymous in order to use it for serious and legitimate purposes,
    subject to the conditions and retention period stipulated by law;

  7. Complying with the new rules governing the communication of personal information
    outside Quebec;

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