How do I change the background color of my site?

If you create your website with Yapla, you can easily customize the background color of a single line or the entire site via the customization tools.

Before you start

You will need the color code you want to use. Basic colors can be used by name (black, white, blue, etc) but it is more accurate to use the hexacode, which gives access to thousands of colors.

The hexacode is composed of a hashtag followed by a combination of 6 numbers or letters. Several online tools allow to find this code, for example this one, which also allows to create a palette.

Modifying a single line

To change the background color of a single line, for example to create a stripe effect, you can make the change on the master page, to affect all pages, or on a single page.

Make sure you are in Structure mode, not Edit mode. Place your cursor over the line you want to change, then click "Edit Line Style".


In the window that appears, add the name or code of your color in the "Background Color" field, and click Save.


Change the color of the page

It is also possible to apply a color to the entire page, replacing the default white.

To change the color of the page, click on the "Customization" tile, then on the "Basic" submenu.



In the body field, enter the following code: background-color:xxx;


Replace the xxx by the name or code of your color and click on Save.


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